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Custom Jewelry Form


Sometimes it's difficult to know where to start when it comes to designing a new custom piece of jewelry. To help us get started, we've put together some questions to begin the process.

First & Last Name

Phone #

E-mail Address

Is there a specific date you need the piece finished by?

What is the price range you would like to stay within?

What type of jewelry would you like to make?

What type of metal would you like to use? (Select all that apply.)

Will you be supplying stones for the piece?

If we are supplying the stones, which type would you prefer?

Do you have a picture that you'd like us to use for inspiration?

Upload Photo(s)

Is there a piece on our website that we should refer to for style or size?

Will you need an insurance appraisal?

If we are using your diamonds/stones and you have previously had them appraised, please attach a copy of your old appraisal below. This reduces the time it takes for us to appraise your jewelry and cuts cost for you. 

Upload Photo

Please share any other information or specific details about your project that we may need to know.

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