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Jewelry Repair

The Gem of the Quad Cities: Servicing the you since 2008

Your jewelry is in good hands at Inspiredesign. We offer a full-service repair shop on the premises, over 50 years of combined experience, and friendly, courteous service at a reasonable price.

Ring Sizing

Sizing rings in sterling silver, 10-18k gold, and platinum.

Shank Repair

Repairing and thickening broken and thinning backsides of rings.

Prong Retipping/ Replacement & Head Replacement

Replace and repair broken prongs to ensure your stones are safe and secure.


Writing detailed evaluations of all types of jewelry and appraisal updates for insurance purposes.


Restringing pearls, beaded necklaces and bracelets on nylon, stretch, or tiger tail (stainless filament) cord.

Chain Repair

Soldering breaks and replacing clasps. Many styles of chains and clasps available.


Engraving your own jewelry or pieces bought in store. 

Refinish & Rhodium Plating

Redoing a brush or high polish finish and replating jewelry with Rhodium to help prevent dinginess.

Stone Replacement

Offering a variety of different stones to replace ones that have fallen out of your jewelry.

Replacing & upgrading stones in your jewelry.

Watch Repair

Cleaning and repairing crystals, crowns and other watch parts. 

Watch Battery Replacement

Replacing batteries in quartz watches.

Watch Band Adjustment & Replacement

Replacing, repairing, and adjusting watch bands.

 Your jewelry never leaves our store! The Inspiredesign team prides themselves on their professionalism and their ability to do all jewelry repair in-house. Stop in today to get an estimate for your repairs!